Factions compete over an enclosed area to to control a base. Once members are inside a circle for 30 minutes, or shorter for every member inside the circle. If a faction has been controlling the circle, and another faction begins to take control, a message in the chat will state that the (factions name) is trying to take the (cool sounding name like Orbital Post or something) from (faction name who has been holding the base currently) Once your factions controls the base, you get perks like Extra cash when selling items to the server, a special kit, and maybe a special command like /fly. If you chose to theme the station like a large deathstar, allowing the holding faction of the base to fire the death star at inputted coords would also be cool. could be an antimatter size attack, with a 4 hour cool down. The idea is to make it more of a publicity stunt rather than useful. It would also be cool if when it fired, you could see the laser hit the planet. another point would be for the "death star" to be able to attack any planet. The holders of this base could get special access to grinders maybe, but they would have to constantly be online trying to protect it, because anyone can walk up and stand in the circle. This would also force people to expand their faction. and as a new player, joining a faction would allow them to learn about the server, and not just leave, because they set a small dedication to their faction when they join. This update would 1. Make factions a must for all player, allow factions to pvp in a set area, force the people controlling the base to be online defending it, and new players who join factions would be more inclined to stay online. also Maybe add lightsabers to go with the theme, and drop the gun mod in my opinion. but in any case... I think this would help the population issue.

Suggested by: StevieDog
Jan. 23, 2021, 1:09 p.m.

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