Faction power is boring and static. People can play for a year, and be stuck with the same amount of faction power forever. So, I have an idea:

- Each player begins with a static 10 power, like they do right now

- It can work like it does now: you begin with 0/10, lose some when you die to the environment, and regain it over time

Now, for the new part:

- When you kill a player in PVP (or through a nuke, or some other method), they "permanently" lose 1 maximum power point, and you permanently gain 1 maximum power point

- Transfers of current-power through PVP can be either instantaneous, or, alternatively, the killer may simply have their maximum power cap increased, and must wait for the new current-power to generate (like normal)

- Optionally, killing the same player repeatedly over a short amount of time can result in decreased power returns (for example, each additional kill after 1 might result in a 30% compounding loss in power gained by the killer, and lost by the killed). This would make farming players for their power more difficult

- In order to participate in the power transfer system, players may be required to have a certain amount of playtime (6 hours would probably be a fair amount - long enough to make alting for 2-3 power a pain, but short enough that newer players are likely to still stick around)

Suggested by: ArmageddonXVI
June 4, 2020, 1:43 p.m.

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